Why Brainly sees its journey with AWS continuing..?

Why Brainly sees its journey with AWS continuing..?

Brainly is the world’s largest learning community and education technology company based in Krakow Poland with the US headquarters in New York City.
In September 2020, Brainly has reported having over 250 million monthly users across 35 countries that it is serving.

It is a peer to a peer learning platform for teachers students and parents to ask and answer questions related to their homework and syllabus. It provides them with a platform to connect with professional educator and experts to discuss and get the answers to their questions.

The company was founded in 2009 in Poland by Michael Borkowski, Tomasz Kraus and Lukasz Haluch. Within the six months after the release, the platform gained its first million users monthly.
In January 2011 several other versions in multiple languages were released.
In December 2013  seven new language versions of brainly were released including English version i.e. brainly.com

Building an online community from zero to millions of users can be a lot challenging for a company to maintain its efficient performance and manage a lot of data efficiently. For brainly when the number of servers increased above 100 , their team started struggling to keep up with the network and hardware issues.

Brainly then moved to Amazon Web services (AWS) to take the advantage of services provided by AWS and to improve their performance.

What is AWS ?

Amazon Web services (AWS) is the world’s most adopted cloud platform that offers you over 175 fully-featured services from Data centres globally. Millions of customers trust AWS to power their infrastructure and applications including leading companies, government organisations, growing startups and enterprises of every size and type are nowadays using AWS to grow faster and stronger businesses.

AWS provides you on-demand delivery of computing resources over the internet with low-cost pricing and Pay as you go model, that allows you to only pay for what you use and how long you use.
For example, AWS  offers the widest variety of Databases
specially built for different types of applications to support.

As stated by Bill Salak, chief technology officer at Brainly, by moving to AWS they could eliminate outages, increase uptime to 99.9 8%. It could cut operational costs by 50% they could also free up resources dedicatedly for development purposes. Salak stated that when they shifted to AWS, they were focused on boosting performance.

How Brainly started their journey with cloud computing?

Their relationship with AWS now is more strategic.
Brainly has AWS Enterprise support and a technical account manager (TAM) to guide its cloud journey to maximize the strategic value of AWS.
Ever since they joined this program, Brainly has had regular sessions with assigned TAM , to receive optimisation guidance and deep dive Technology sessions.

Brainly platform uses on Amazon EC2 ( Amazon elastic compute cloud) Savings plans reserved instances and spot instances reducing, by using AWS eliminates outages and reduces virtual server caused by 60%.

Brainly adopted Amazon ElastiCache service, a fully managed in-memory data store providing caching services. They adopted this service to avoid managing a cluster of caching services.

To cut out the management expense of Kubernetes environment, Brainly moved to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). Ever since they adopted Amazon EKS the container orchestration now runs two to three times faster increasing the flexibility of the platform.

Salak once stated, using AWS doesn’t require them to build a large team to work on the infrastructure and security management, this is the reason their IT is managed by a team of 4 rather than 25.

Brainly is looking forward to working more with AWS in future too due to a huge investment in their services with continuous improvement and proven track record in innovation.

As stated by the chief technology officer of Brainly, AWS offers multiple options for its solutions. AWS produces not just one service per solution, there are multiple different services for each solution, so you can find one that best suits you or your organizational requirement.the emerging and evolving AWS ecosystem is gives them the ability to serve the business more effeciently and effectively.

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