Fear of failure is not an option to settle with all your life.

Fear of failure is not an option to settle with all your life.

Dealing with the fear of failure

Most of the people can’t fulfil their dreams, not because of the failures that they meet. They don’t live their dreams but this happens because they give up way too early and quite easily. It is not the failure that stops us, its the fear of failure. Most of us tend to give up on the very first failure.

Those who’ve succeeded in life didn’t stop at failures, they didn’t stop even after multiple failed attempts. That’s the difference between a successful person and a person who gave up on the first failure itself. Instead of fearing failure, say “this is my goal, and one day I will definitely achieve it at any cost. I will learn a lesson from this failure and try to work harder and smarter. I will never quit until my dreams become a reality”.

One thing we should always keep in mind is that there’s always a bright day arriving after a dark night. In the same way without failure, there is no success. Failure gives you the taste of true success. So, keep trying, you will fail so many times but keep this in your head that failure is not an option to settle with all your life. Convince yourself that you have to become successful and you’ll become one day. You’ll never stop trying until you’re done.

Getting rid of the fear of failure is the only key to success.

Failure plays a huge role in making an individual successful. You have to get comfortable with the taste of failure. Because when you’re doing something for success, you’ll eventually have to encounter failure at some or the other point of time in your life.

When you finally decide to go to the gym and work out with the decision of getting fit and healthy, you’re actually trying to battle with the failure and fear that made you believe once that you can never be fit and healthy. Now that you’ve decided to take yourself to the point where you can feel proud of it and be confident in life. That’s where the change begins and that’s where the growth is.

And all of this happens once you learn to overcome failures in life.

Learn a lesson from the failure in life

All of the successful people out there have faced failures too, actually a lot more than the achievements they’ve got so far. All they do is extract the lessons and learnings from the failure, and use that to come a little closer to the success.

You have to live at the edge of your capabilities and go beyond that too. Doing this, you will face failures and discrimination a lot more than you’d have got in your comfort zone. But after some time and work, your limits and boundaries for success are going to expand. You’ll have more domains to explore. Your brain and body will start making the adjustments. You’ll feel it mentally and physically and it’ll make you feel that you can do it.

Role of failure for a successful life –

Failures help you to realize your weaknesses. It’ll tell you about the points where you’re making a mistake and that’s why you’re failing. And trust me once you get to know the reason behind your failure, you’ll soon get the right path for success.

Failure gives a real sense of happiness to the winners because they’ve earned their success after facing a lot of hurdles and battling the fear of failure. It makes them hungrier. Winners have also never enjoyed failure but they never did let failure stop them.

So the next time you encounter failure, you gotta remember that every great thing on this planet is here because the creator also learned what did work but learned more from what did not work.

The definition of failure in life

Nobody is there in this universe who hasn’t seen failure. Most of the successful people in the world have also tasted failure many times in the past but they’re successful in the present.

It is necessary to learn from successful people who’ve experienced failure. Let me give you some exemplary stories :

  • Thomas Alva Edison, who was a very weak student at school. Thomas Edison was told by his teachers that he was “too stupid to learn anything”. But we all know it was Thomas Edison who invented the electric lamp, phonograph, and many more things.
  • Albert Einstein, who doesn’t know this person who gave a new direction to the world of physics. But did you know that he started speaking when he was in the fourth standard and started reading in the seventh standard?
  • Narendra Modi, everyone knows him in today’s world. He is the honourable Prime Minister of India. His entire childhood was passed by selling tea near the Railway Station. He is one of the most live examples to get motivated and to convert failure into success.

Most of us will stumble and fall in life. Doors will get slammed in our faces, and we might make some bad decisions. But just imagine Thomas Edison, if he’d have taken his teacher’s statement seriously then he could have never invented these things. Imagine if our honourable prime minister sir Mr. Narendra Modi sir had adopted his lifestyle as a child then he wouldn’t have become the prime minister of our country today.

Fear of failure is not an option to settle with all your life.
Fear of failure is not an option to settle with all your life.

Opportunities come at once for everyone out there but once you stop because of the fear of failure, then you can never see the opportunities coming ahead. It is disappointing to see when people see a failure like the end of everything. You are facing some problems at this moment because you want to become someone greater than the person you are today. Don’t you have your own dreams, your goals, and your vision for success? If yes then Congratulations,

You are at least ten steps ahead of the majority of the people in this world. Imagine if Steve Jobs would’ve been afraid of people that they won’t like his product because of its price point, then there would’ve been no iPhone. So just try asking yourself questions like ” do you want to be like a person who has a fear of failure? Or do you want to be like the one who fears nothing and only cares about being successful? How do you want to see yourself? You have to choose one or the other option. I’m saying this, If you want success, there is nothing that can stop you, all those negative things people say will mean nothing.

Few points that may help you if you fear failure.

It is very important that everything we start to do, we have to cope with failure in the middle or start of the work. So we should follow these points to overcome from the fear failure –

  • Learn to think positively – We should always try to think about positive outcomes about the work we are doing. We should do the work with full of positive energy and with a fresh mind.
  • Analyze your potential – We should always analyze our potential and should work to come out of our comfort zone too for any of the work we are going to do.
  • Look at the worst scenario – Whenever you start doing something, just imagine the worst-case or scenario that can happen in between. Once you have an idea about that, you will definitely do your work with full dedication to avoid the worst to happen and the fear of failure gets lesser as compared to what you had before.
  • Have an alternative plan – If you are afraid of having to fail at something. You should make an alternative plan like “plan B” to overcome your fear of failure.

How to stop fear failure?

Most of the people feel it’s unnecessary to set their goals. This is the most important thing in life. I see most of the people out there have no goal whatsoever and they just do the things because they like doing that. But the interest lasts only for a short period of time. One of my good friends struggles with this problem too. Growing up she never decided what she wants to do in her life. Now that she is all grown up, I always find her in confusion and dilemma when it comes to decision making. This is the point where fear arrives and this is actually the cause of failure. When you have no plans or goals in your life, you can never expect yourself to be successful.

So, for becoming successful you need to decide your goal and have a clear mindset. Then work hard for it. You can set up small goals every day and challenge yourself to complete it by the end of the day.

That is all I know about the fear of failure

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