Existence (The knot between Existence and Reality)

Existence (The knot between Existence and Reality)

Since the beginning of humankind, we fight for our existence but what really is existence?

This question has been there for ages. 

The thing we don’t understand is the moment we are born we have already marked our existence.

Then what we thrive is greed no matter what we have we will always want more this wanting causes bloodshed and wars.

It will become our own enemies the more we care the more we tend to do things to make it true for us nothing is bad or good when we are on our way to fulfill our goals.

We never stop craving, for instance, a slave wants to become a minister, a minister wants to be a king, this cycle never ends cause we will never be happy in what we have. 

In this modern and busy world, one is always in a rush to find their recognition, we get soo clogged up in our selfish needs that we forget to “live the life we are in a rush of making“.

Why don’t we settle for what we have cause what we have is enough, the goal we tend to achieve keeps on changing, we always want something more.

Humankind is based on this craving, our survival instincts push us to want more and wanting more is not bad but when you get what you wanted and then you crave for more that’s when you destroy your own existence, “what makes us feel alive is not life itself but a reason to live for”.

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When you start to fail in life you feel depressed suddenly the reason for living vanishes, your existence seems to diminish, that very moment you should know that “a pity reason should never be enough to make you feel useless”,


“What is the driving factor for carving more?”

We make our goals and we tend to do everything possible to make it true we just don’t care if we are wrong or right.

 what we see as our victory is that actually our victory?

Everyone is right in their own story but try to see things from a different perspective your actions can destroy a person’s life, Don’t linger for big things try to focus on small moments as these small moments combine to form a big scenario.

The real meaning of existence is when you don’t want more when you are happy with what you have no matter if you have a small house and small car as long as you have your family and friends with you then you are no less than a business tycoon.

In the process of being successful, we forget what we are loosing behind the moment you are at the top as you wanted you’ll realize that you have no one to celebrate that victory.

And at last, all you have is two-faced people and a bunch of yes sirs, people who are with you just for your wealth.

And somewhere you know the truth but you oversee it as you can’t digest the fact that “The victory you always wanted to be your biggest failure“.

What is use this success when you don’t have someone to talk to or someone to share your feelings.?

This is the moment you realize there is no turning back, that you can’t run from your fate and you have to live with whatever you have left 

The existence we all should know is being remembered for good, as kindness never dies it is permanent, you may be wealthy today but you can be bankrupt tomorrow.

Then nobody will remember you, the idea of your existence is wrong, a kind and helpful man is way more successful than a rich man.


When you presume that you’ve won and that’s when you lose expecting too much from someone leads you to your own downfall, cause the person from you expect is the same. 

They’ll do what they were gonna do it is you who expected.

If someone leaves you with no reason it doesn’t mean that you start to blame them what if

something in you wasn’t right, what if they don’t wanna hurt you by telling.

There can be many reasons to make yourself sad but if you want to be happy you have to find the one reason that’ll make you happy.

 Because happiness is costly and sadness is cheap, you can easily get sad but to be happy you need to try hard

Tryna forget the past cause what’s gone is gone you can’t do anything to change that, look at the brighter side of it seek what life has to offer, paint your self in every colour before it’s late.

Don’t do stuff that you regret on your rocky chair after you get old, built your gratitude and look yourself in the mirror at you worst times and at good times look yourselves in the eyes of the

people that mean the world to you


The existence, recognition, craving you have is mortal it dies with time, the biggest empire also falls the mightiest ruler also gets defeated. 

The point is not what you want to achieve tomorrow it is what you have now for “now” is important, your idea of success can be a failure to other, socialize and connect  with people.

Always try to make bonds share thoughts cause life is short and you don’t wanna waste it in just chasing a goal and not involving in other stuff 

From the above, I conclude that existence is a mere.

Debate in our vast life we should not ruin our time and emotions and we should not neglect our well-wishers and family for a mortal goal.

As Life doesn’t teach us how to make money it teaches us how to make relationships. 

For money is a man-made concept and it should be kept secondary, our first prioritize should be our family as money will come and go but family stays together.

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  2. Kartikey Vikram Singh

    Existensialist crisis is not a mere. It is important question of existence, the question to make sense of the world just take a moment of brief analysis Everything around is there because somewhere in the deep we want answers for our nature of existence metaphysics is not a mere.

    1. Kartik

      That’s true but the existence i am talking about is what people misunderstand ,they see existence as success and that is wrong , success never defines existence ,and yes meta physics is not a mere🙂

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    I really felt every line.🙂🙂

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